JIRA Certification / Badge? Hi, My company has decided to implement JIRA for tracking end user issues related to our internal order management software.


This certification course is available for free on the Coursera platform. Jira Fundamentals Badge Completed by Bình Quách Phương on March 9, 2023.


JIRA FUNDAMENDALS PMO September 2011 Meet JIRA Project Management and Issue Tracking are not But JIRA makes them easier! easy tasks Meet JIRA JIRA is advanced highly customizable issue tracking system In JIRA you could customize workflows to any business process perform integration with existing systems.

. If you're in a scrum project, you'll need to create and start a sprint to begin tracking work. If you're in a kanban project, you can start tracking work on the board.


Complete all three. . Score: 100.

Duties Effectively Carried out: • Assisted during the Implementation and certification processes of QMS as per ISO 9001:2008, • Led an Internal auditors team and QMS steering committee sessions in-coordination with MR, • Assisted. Score: 93.

This module provides an overview of the agile mindset.


. Completion ID: 197085441.

Earn Pro Skills Badge credentials to grow your career—before or after—an Atlassian Certification. Join Atlassian product managers and engineers for office hours on 5/24 (Amer) & 5/25 (EMEA & APAC) to see a live demo and ask any questions you have about our CI/CD integrations with Jira Software.

Getting Started with Jira.
Score: 93.
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5h Beginner.


. . Feb 25, 2022 · Jira Fundamentals Badge Completed by Zenzo Duma on February 25, 2022.

The free version supports up to 10 users, plenty to experiment all you want. . Jira course is taught hands-on by experts. Completion ID: 249128962. Built for new Jira users, this collection of self-paced courses will help you get up and running in Jira in just 90 minutes. x documentation to get a sense of Atlassian’s approach to these settings.

Complete all three courses, then pass the 30-question final assessment to earn your Jira.

. Atlassian University - JIRA.

It's a freebie! Level 1: Like something.

Get your own free copy of Jira and learn how to use it to create and manage Scrum projects.


Don’t forget to brush up on your JQL: study the filters you use and train yourself to create new ones.

Jira Fundamentals Badge Completed by Bình Quách Phương on March 9, 2023.